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Fees for Allied Health Services

Patients who have active care plans and/or team care arrangements will continue to be bulk billed for the services provided as long as they have appropriate referrals and visits allocated. Patients who have private health insurance will be asked to pay the fee for the service provided. The health insurance policy will be claimed through HICAPS on the day and the patient will be charged the gap – payable at the time of service.

Patients will be advised of this change in policy when they book their appointment and reinforced when the receptionist confirms the appointment. A notice will be displayed in the reception area to advise patients and avoid unpleasant explanations for reception staff.

Costs of referred services

If clients are to be referred to Allied Health services not accessed through our partnership with Hunter New England Area Health, the doctor will give patients an estimate of the costs involved.

Where possible clients with chronic or complex care needs are to be referred to Allied Health services, the doctor will develop an Enhanced Primary Health Care Plan or Team Care Arrangement. They will be referred where possible to service providers who bulk bill.

Pius X Aboriginal Corporation Health Centre brings in a podiatrist, a dietician and a diabetes educator, all bulk billing our clients. If clients are referred to specialists the doctor will endeavour to refer to specialists who may bulk bill our clients. However, the approximate costs will always be discussed with the patient.

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