Costs within the Practice

Service Provided by the GP

Pius X Aboriginal Corporation Health Centre bulk bills all of its Aboriginal clients.

The service charges no “gap”. The service makes its clients aware that we bulk bill by a notice at Reception, the Patient Information Sheet and the service’s website.


Dental Service


Pius X Aboriginal Corporation provides dental services which are funded for Aboriginal people by NSW Aboriginal Oral Health Services.  However to sustain the service fees must be charged.


A fee of $20 will be charged to every Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person who attends an appointment at the service.


However there will be no charge for the following appointments:-

  • Children between 2 and 17 who are eligible for the Children’s Dental Health Benefit.
  • Pregnant women who present with a referral for the GP
  • People with chronic or complex care needs who present with a Team Care Arrangement Care Plan for the GP

The dentist will discuss cost of treatment with clients.


Those clients who have private health insurance will be asked to pay claim on their private health funds.


Non-Aboriginal clients will be asked to pay the full cost of treatment.


Dental accounts must be paid before further treatment will be provided.


The cost of dentures must be paid by all clients, with 50% deposit paid before dentures will be ordered.  The remainder will need to be paid before the dentures are released to the client.


Specialist services


Pius X has a number of visiting specialists attending the clinic on a regular basis.  Specialist services are provided to both Aboriginal clients and to members of the local community.


Fees will be charged for services, payable on the day.


Patients will be notified regarding this change to our procedures when the appointments is made or confirmed.  The receptionist will notify the client of the Initial Consultation fee and what proportion of that fee will be rebated into the patients account through the Medicare system.  The patient will be advised to bring their Medicare card with them.

To reinforce this message and ensure that patients are aware that payment is expected after the appointment had been completed, a sign will be displayed in the reception area.


This sign will state the Initial Consultation Fee and that payment is payable on the day.


Patients will be advised that if they are registered with Medicare then the rebated amount will flow into their nominated bank account on the day following the consultation.


In exceptional circumstances, patients may receive an account for the fee. Medicare will be billed for the service and the cheque in the doctor’s name will be forwarded to them. They will then be required to present that cheque and the “gap payment” to Pius X so that the specialists may be paid for their service.


Fees for Allied Health Services


Patients who have care plans / team care arrangements will continue to be bulk billed for the services provided.


Patients who have private health insurance will be asked to pay the fee for the service provided.  The health insurance policy will be claimed through HICAPS on the day and the patient will be charged the gap – payable at the time of service.


Patients will be advised of this change in policy when they book their appointment and reinforced when the receptionist confirms the appointment.


A notice will be displayed in the reception area to advise patients and avoid unpleasant explanations for reception staff.


Costs of referred services

If clients are to be referred allied health services not accessed through our partnership with Hunter New England Area Health the doctor will give patients and estimate of the costs involved.

Where possible clients with chronic or complex care needs are to be referred to allied health services, the doctor will develop an Enhanced Primary Health Care Plan or Team Care Arrangement. They will be referred where possible to service providers who bulk bill.


Pius X Aboriginal Corporation Health Centre brings in a podiatrist, a dietician and a diabetes educator, all bulk billing our clients.


If clients are referred to specialists the doctor will endeavour to refer to specialists who may bulk bill our clients.


However, the approximate costs will always be discussed with the patient.