History of PACT

In 2008, the Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW recommended that NSW had to consider the establishment of new models of service and consultation be provided to Aboriginal people into the best ways to keep children and young people safe. Recommendation (8.5) states “Consider establishing a Lakidjeka model of consultation to provide an Aboriginal perspective in relation to the best ways of keeping Aboriginal children and young people safe.” Lakidjeka is a model used in Victoria.

Keep Them Safe (KTS) is the NSW Government’s response to the Special Commission, is a five-year plan to improve the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in NSW and includes actions to support and work with Aboriginal children and families and to reduce the number of Aboriginal children coming into contact with the child protection system. It makes specific recommendations in relation to a pilot of services for NSW based on the Lakidjeka model.

Protecting Aboriginal Children Together (PACT) is an early intervention program which is an independent advisory service provided by Aboriginal advisors in an Aboriginal non-government organisations (NGOs) to assist Aboriginal children, young people and families engaging with the NSW child protection system. It is to support decision-making in the best interests of the children and young people and supports their individual needs and enhances their physical, emotional, cognitive, social and cultural development.

The PACT service provides a community perspective on safety and on the care and protection services that are provided to Aboriginal children, young people and families to enable shared decision-making between Community Services and Aboriginal organisations and community members.

In 2011/2012, the pilot commenced in two sites; the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation (operating as the Myimbarr Aboriginal Child, Youth and Family Service) in Shellharbour and the Pius X Aboriginal Corporation (Bamba-Baa Aboriginal Children Services) in Moree, these two organisations are contracted to provide the service in partnership with the local CSC with Aboriginal NGO staff employed as PACT Advisors to deliver the service. Community Services consult with PACT advisors regarding risk assessments and other significant decisions in the care and protection of Aboriginal children and young people.

Location of our Office

Bamba-Baa PACT

Unit 2, 199 Balo Street

Moree NSW 2400

Ph: 02 67523588

Fax: 02 67528199

E-mail: pact@piusx.com.au